April 1, 2016

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Contact Us in Calgary, Edmonton or any of the Surrounding Areas!

We can be contacted in our Calgary Location or Edmonton Location for free estimates or general information on our many offered paving services. Call us and a head start on your spring, summer or fall paving project!  We do paving on driveways, pathways, parking lots and roads. Our services extends to the far reaches of Alberta. Call us today!! You won’t be disappointed in the quality of our work

E-mail: info@eagleasphaltpaving.com


Calgary and Area

Calgary Address:

17 SaddleLake Alley NE

Calgary, AB

T3J 0M5 Canada

Office: 403-918-7254

edmonton and area

Edmonton Address:

8404 45th St NW

Edmonton, AB

T6B 2N6 Canada

Office: 780-655-7776

Other Methods of Contact

Alternate Number: 403-918-3727

Fax: 403-798-3300

website: www.eagleasphaltpaving.com

E-mail: info@eagleasphaltpaving.com